Table of contents:

  1. Features
  2. Configuring
  3. Installing
  4. Changelog
  5. License


  • Fully responsive design
  • Content focused
  • Major browser compatibility
  • Free lifetime updates
  • Disqus commenting system
  • Sharing options
  • Responsive embedded videos
  • Font Awesome
  • Search engine


Before turning on your theme live, you should set up some of the functions you want to use. Most configurable files are located in tellus/partials/ folder.

  • I. Ghost API Features (beta)
  • II. Disqus commenting system - disqus.hbs
  • III. Google Analytics

I. Ghost API features (beta)

To enable this features go to and tick the Public API checkbox.

This allows to display in second column:

  • List of: Popular tags (cloud)
  • List of: Featured article
  • List of: Latest articles

If you want to change things, the responsible code is in sidebar.hbs file located in partials folder.

To enable Subscribers (beta) function go to and tick the Subscribers checkbox.

II. Disqus commenting system - disqus.hbs

If you want to use Disqus commenting system you will need to configure it by replacing your shortname Disqus ID. Read More

  1. Open disqus.hbs file with your text editor (located in partials/custom folder).
  2. Now enter your Disqus shortname in the right place and save the file.


    var disqus_shortname = 'example'; // required: replace example with your Disqus shortname

III. Google Analytics

This is optional: To connect Google Analytics:

  1. Log in to your ghost dashboard.
  2. In Settings -> Labs, enable the code injection interface.
  3. Now go to Settings -> Code Injection and paste your Google Analytics code. Read More

Code Injection


  1. Log in to your Ghost admin panel.
  2. Go to Settings->Design and click Upload a theme.
  3. Now select and upload your Tellus zip file.
  4. Click Activate now and it‘s done, your new theme is now up and running.


For detailed history of changes, see our Changelog at -


Simple License - © 2015